Listening Touch Healing Arts - restore the body - calm the mind - honor the spirit

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Listening Touch Healing Arts
creating holistic bodywork, massage and healing that responds to the whole person,
body, mind, and spirit

(since 2000)

Do you want to live a healthy, active, and conscious life?
Do you want to feel empowered to be free from tension and pain?
Do you want to be more self-aware of your body's subtle messages to you?
Do you want to experience inner peace and vibrant vitality?

My name is Laura Rose and I would be honored to work with you! I am
passionate about guiding you to listen to your own inner body wisdom, and experience a restorative state of relaxation through healing arts that increase your life force energy. This inner peace ripples out into your life, so you have more vitality, joy, and well-being.


Leave of Absence: December 2017-June 2018

I am on Maternity Leave through May 2018 and will not be taking any appointments...

If you would like a referral for another practitioner in the meantime, please send me an email and I will respond as soon as I am able to.   

Please sign up for the email newsletter to be informed when the baby arrives, as well as when I am returning to work.

With Love and Gratitude, Laura Rose  

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Laura Rose Boyle - Listening Touch Massage


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Thank you for visiting...
Take a moment to take a deep breath, and be with yourself...
and remember, your body and spirit know how to heal and balance...
They only need to be listened to and invited to heal.