Breema Bodywork

Breema Bodywork: The Art of Being Present

What is Breema?
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Breema's uniquely non-judgmental approach nurtures as it enlivens.
Breema releases tension while creating a new relationship between mind and body that allows the body, mind and feelings to come into balance thereby transforming our relationship to our bodies and to all of life.

Experience BREEMA® Bodywork
with Laura Rose, Certified Breema Practitioner & Self Breema Instructor

® BODYWORK is a meditative bodywork modality that activates the body's self-healing forces, bringing the mind, body and emotions into a natural, balanced state.  Breema treatments and self-breema exercise are done with the recipient fully clothed on a padded floor, and the practitioner uses their natural, relaxed weight to create rhythmic movements, gentle stretches and holds. Rather than focusing on illness or imbalance, this technique actively supports the recipient to experience vibrant health, vitality and inner harmony.

    The nonjudgmental atmosphere created by the practitioner's intention of being present and practicing the Nine Principles of Harmony is so nourishing that the recipient typically experiences a profound sense of safety and security.  This catalyzes a significant release of acute and chronic tension and enables us to let go of conditioned patterns and connect to more natural ways of moving, thinking, and feeling.  The energy that is usually drained by the disconnect between mind, body and emotions becomes available to support the body's innate self-healing mechanisms.

    Breema is unique in its inherent expression of the Nine Principles of Harmony, which eliminate the need for any force by the practitioner.  Instead, it uses the natural mechanics, rhythm, and relaxed weight of the practitioner's body to create a precise and dynamic balance that is profoundly comfortable, enjoyable, and beneficial for both recipient and practitioner.

      Breema was developed and discovered during the late 1970's by a small group of people in the San Francisco Bay Area who discovered that there were moments during bodywork exchanges in which the atmosphere became more alive, and a more significant effect could be experienced by both practitioner and recipient.  They named this bodywork system Breema - Being Right now, Everywhere, Every moment, Myself Actually.  Over the years, the Breema Center has evolved into a school where the immediate emphasis is on becoming present, unifying body, mind, and feelings, and raising our level of consciousness.  Breema's timeless principles are applicable to every situation in life, and they open us to the possibility of awakening to the essential unity of Existence in this very moment.

(Excerpts from the book Self-Breema:Exercises for Harmonious Life
by Jon Schreiber)

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Self-Breema® + BREEMA® Bodywork

Nine Principles of Harmony

Body Comfortable
When we look at the body, not as something separate, but as an aspect of a unified whole, there is no place for discomfort.

No Extra
To express our true nature, nothing extra is needed.

Firmness and Gentleness
Real firmness is always gentle. Real gentleness is always firm. When we are present, we naturally manifest firmness and gentleness simultaneously.

Full Participation
The most natural way of moving and living is with full participation. Full participation is possible when body, mind, and feelings are united in a common aim.

Mutual Support
The more our Being participates, the more we are able to support life and recognize that Existence supports us. Giving and receiving support take place simultaneously.

No Judgment
The atmosphere of nonjudgment gives us a taste of acceptance of ourselves as we are in the moment. When we come to the present, we are free from judgment.

Single Moment/Single Activity
Each moment is new, fresh, totally alive. Each moment is an expression of our true nature, complete by itself.

No Hurry/No Pause
In the natural rhythm of life energy, there is no hurry and no pause.

No Force
When we let go of assumptions of separation, we let go of force.

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