These are the healing modalities that I practice. Customized integrative bodywork sessions incorporate the modalities that can best serve each person.

Listening Touch Integrative Bodywork

In a Listening Touch session, we start with a grounding meditation and some compassionate listening. I listen with my hands and my heart and we co-create a customized, integrative blend of bodywork created just for you. Touch can be gentle or deep, depending on what your body-mind-spirit is needing. 

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage reduces tension with the use of relaxing strokes and stretches that increase circulation, bringing nutrition to the cells and releasing toxins. Deeper pressure is used to smooth away tight areas, lengthening and relaxing the connective tissue, reducing stress and relieving pain. 

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage uses gentle rhythmic pumping techniques to stimulate the lymphatic vessels to carry vital immune system fluid through the body, and remove waste. It helps the body to heal quickly from injuries, surgical trauma, and edema. This modality renews and detoxifies the body.


Acupressure uses the same theory and energy points used in acupuncture, only in acupressure, stimulation is provided by gentle, firm pressure of hands. When pressed, energy flow is increased through the meridians in the body, relieving stress, improving circulation, and restoring vitality.

Cranial Sacral Therapy & Core Synchronism

Cranial Sacral Therapy & Core Synchronism use a feather light touch to gently synchronize the cerebral spinal fluid and life force energy with every bone, organ, muscle, element, and chakra. This treatment releases trauma and saturates the body with the life force energy that is contained in the fluid. A light touch is used to listen to the fluid pulse, slowing the body down to an intensely relaxed state, and gently encouraging the body to balance and heal itself at the deepest level.

Hakomi Inspired Bodywork

Hakomi Inspired Bodywork utilizes the body as a “doorway” into uncovering core material that is often buried in our subconscious mind. Some of our formative memories are stored in the body and generate core beliefs that often create unnecessary suffering. Hakomi creates a safe atmosphere for these memories, beliefs, habits and emotions to surface in order to be discovered, witnessed and studied. Often, a desire to create a more harmonious way of being emerges, and the new self-understanding and mindfulness assists you in bringing this transformation into your daily life.

Wise Womb Healing

Wise Womb and Abdominal Healing is based on the ancient understanding in the Mayan culture that the abdomen is the center of our being. This bodywork gently and directly supports the alignment of the reproductive organs, intestines and pelvic structure in order to create greater connection to our creative center, resulting in decreased pelvic pain, healthier menstruation, fertility, and spiritual well-being.

Breema Bodywork

Breema® Bodywork uses mindful rhythmic movements, gentle stretches, and the natural, relaxed weight of the body to actively support the recipient to experience vibrant health, vitality, and inner harmony. Recipient remains fully clothed, resting on a padded floor and typically experiences profound safety and relaxation of the mind and body.


Pregnancy massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting women. Prenatal Massage has been proven to decrease muscle pain and tension, aid in circulation of vital nutrients to the baby, reduce swelling, and relieve stress and anxiety. This deeply nurturing massage will leave the mother feeling relaxed, restored, and calm


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