What is your intention?

What is your intention?
I have found that when people set an intention for their bodywork session, that the session goes much better. 
Even if you just think “I am relaxing” or “Letting go of my day”, you can aim your treatment in a positive direction.  
Intention is defined as: “aim or a plan that guides an action to reach an objective.”

Some people like to simplify their intention to a word or two – and they can then use the words to focus their mind on their breath and the present moment.  For example, you can breathe IN “peace” and breathe OUT “serenity” 
     Sometimes people use intention to try to get away from a feeling or a problem and might be tempted to exhale out the word that represents the problem.  But I find that if you instead find a word that describes how you really want to feel, then your mind and body are going to move in the direction you want to move in.  For example, you might want to let go of stress so you might be tempted to breathe OUT “stress” and breathe IN “calm”.  But when you hear the word “stress” your mind might start to think about what is causing your stress and move in that direction. 
     So instead, you can acknowledge the part of you that is feeling stressed and ask it what it needs.  When you are clear about what it needs, you can simplify it into a short statement or a word.   For example you might hear the stressed part say “I just want life to be more simple.”  And when you check in to see how you would feel if your life was more simple, and you might hear “serene.”  So then you breathe IN “calm” and breathe OUT “serene.”

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