How do you want to feel?

What do you want to call in for this new year?  What could support you in being the most healthy, productive, and happy you that you could be? I’m not talking about a goal, or an intention, but rather, how you would like to feel…

Quick two minute activity: Slow down right now and sense your body and your spirit, and ask yourself what you want to call in with this new year. You might hear a phrase or a few words… or you might get an image…  try to simplify it to one or two words or an image.  With your next breath, breath the word into your body, and feel the image in your being.  Even if you don’t feel it to be true right a way, you can say “I am [insert your power word here]”  Or even “I am becoming more [peaceful] everyday!”  Write down this word and put it somewhere where you will see it every day!  I included a cloud image that you can print out and fill in the blank with your power word here.

Now ask yourself how massage and bodywork can support you in calling in this feeling? My word and image for the year is “Blossom” and a lotus flower, and I find that receiving a massage or bodywork session every two weeks helps me to feel supported, receptive, vital, and radiant… like a blossom. Sense into what is true for you… some people do best with a session every week, and some find that once per month is helpful, and some even find that once per season is supportive!  

Whatever is true for you, respond to this email to schedule your bodywork sessions today!  May you have a healthy, peaceful, and happy New Year!

Laura Rose

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