Self-Love Meditation

It’s February, the month to celebrate and cultivate LOVE! Do you “believe in love?” (just like the saying that the was displayed over the fans at the 2016 superbowl). Whether want to cultivate your love for work, your life, your family, or your partner, it always helps to start with accepting and loving yourself!
I know I have my days when I am accepting and patient with myself, and others when I am critical, impatient and judgmental towards myself… and can you guess which of those days does my partner feel loved and connected to me? And can you guess which of those days do I feel healthy and happy and energetic? You guessed it, the days when I am loving myself!
So, my gift for you is a Self Love Meditation that you can use to discover, enhance, and grow that love so that you can be more loving in the world. The meditation is only 7 minutes long, but there is a nice long track of some ocean waves…  Just click here to try out the meditation:
Self Love Meditation
This Valentine’s Day, stay away from the chocolate, wine, and diamonds, and give gifts of love and health to yourself and your loved ones! Read further for ideas of meaningful gifts for YOU or your special someone…
Warmest Wishes,
Laura Rose

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