Celebrating Fifteen Years of Bodywork!

This year, I am celebrating my 15th year practicing in the healing arts ! It is hard for me to believe that it has been that many years already! Do you know that the typical career life for a massage therapist is five years? What keeps me going? 

Here are my top 15 reasons that keeps me practicing:

15. I enjoy relaxing music!

14. I believe in the power of the body to heal itself, and the power of bodywork to engage this healing power.

13. I love to receive bodywork (and often trade with other therapists) – It is so vitally important in my life, and I love that I get to give that feeling back to my clients!  

12. Collaborating with you as well as other practitioners – I love to my clients as well as other health practitioners about which modalities and adaptations can bring my clients optimal health. 

11. I love having the excuse (and inspiration) to use essential oils all day!  

10. I love that I can communicate with my hands – sometimes I don’t feel like talking, and I love that bodywork requires that I am quiet and listen.  

9. There is so much to learn and explore in the healing arts! Whether it is a new way to release a muscle, or how to support someone through grieving, I can always expand my healing toolbox, and the workshops are so wonderful!  

8. One of my missions in life is to bring more peace into the world – and I believe that bodywork makes more people feel more “at peace” and then their peace ripples out into the world.   

7. I am grateful for the connections with my long-term clients – over the years, I have seen them through the ups and downs of life, and I am grateful that they share their feelings with me… I feel connected with many people who I care deeply about!


6. Life is such a mystery, and I love watching the mystery unfold in my clients lives. 

5. I secretly love watching people fall asleep. My younger sister taught me this when we were kids and she would ask me to rub her back to help her fall asleep… I would tiptoe back to my bed with a big smile on my face as the sounds of her deep relaxed, sleeping breath. 

4. Giving bodywork is a meditation for me! I need to be quiet, and in a relaxed state of mind in order to do a good job, so I take lots of deep breaths while I work, and relax and tune into my body, and I almost always feel more calm after I give a session. It is good for me, as well as for you!

3. I love witnessing people heal and transform.  

2. I love the relaxed, peaceful and happy faces I see after people receive their session.  

1. You! My wonderful clients who keep returning to me and who tell me that the bodywork is positively impacting your life…

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