Wise Womb Healing Experience

Abdominal massage is practiced around the world and is known for its health benefits everywhere it is practiced. The “hara”, or the belly is regarded as the center of the energy body in yogic traditions, Chinese Medicine, and in the ancient Mayan traditions. I have been blessed to had many teachers show me ways to work with the abdomen. In Polarity Therapy, we work with the colon, and the element of earth, the pelvis, and the element of water, as well as the solar plexus and the element of fire. And in Thai Massage, I learned how to relieve back pain using acupressure points on the abdomen.  But my most favorite way to work with the abdomen is what I have been learning with Naomi Love. She is a master of Mayan Abdominal Massage and has incorporated her understanding of Chinese Medicine and Daoism and nature based spirituality into this powerful work, and I am honored to be apprenticing with her.  The following is from her description of what wise womb healing is:

“The Wise Womb Way is a way of life and living that is inclusive. It is a way of being and living from a place of personal responsibility, honesty and vulnerability. It is a lineage of the divine feminine which is beyond gender, rather an energy of the feminine, which works through the oral tradition, a cyclical, rhythmical way of living life and understanding ourselves within this great cosmic web. For women it is the path of connecting to our womb space and allowing this to be our inner oracle connected to our hearts, Mother Earth and Great Spirit. For men living from a place within that is connected to your Hara, your limited source of power anchored into Mother Earth and the great cosmic web. The Wise Womb Way teaches the art of relating both with ourselves and with each other.

We are the weavers… the wise women, here to encourage and inspire women in their remembrance..

We support your understanding of your natural rhythms and cycles so you can be in more alignment with your heart and soul’s path. We encourage you to nourish yourself through food, herbal medicine, ritual and self care practices. We support you in honoring your blood and connecting womb and heart. If you don’t have a womb we support you in connecting to the Spirit of your womb space.

We reconnect you to your self, through self centering practices to encourage you into the remembrance of who it is you truly are and what you are here to do. We remind you through deep listening and presence, how to align with your truth.

We listen and witness you as a whole person, rather than fragments or parts, to see where we can support you coming back fully to the truth of yourself – we support you in reinvesting in your truth, in the discovery beyond ideas, beyond thoughts, to the truth of your spirit.
We call upon our guides and helping spirits, (and yours) to interseed on your behalf in love – we offer ourselves to great spirit to be a hollow bone to support the remembrance of your true nature.

We are devoted to doing our own work and come from a place of embodiment, presence, intuition and knowledge to support each person with whom we work. We work on many levels including mind, body, and spirit as well as looking deeply at the felt sense of the inner experiences in order to transform and transmute what is no longer serving highest consciousness. We work to restore faith and trust in the Divine Light, Great Spirit and this beautiful living organism, Mother Earth. We empower you to re-SOURCE yourself through radical self care and self love practices, to inspire your embodiment.

A foundational concept we work with is taking personal responsibility for our own inner experiences. We work to explore the experiences beneath the story, using non-judgmental language to describe the experience and sensations. From this place of awareness we can empower ourselves to see what it is that we truly need and make our life choices and agreements from this place of truth and empowerment.

We support you in reclaiming, thus owning, your body, in re-connecting to your heart and to your sex. By establishing a healthy relationship to your body and all it’s parts we can then learn what our pleasure is, what we enjoy, what we need, and what we desire. By owning our sex we can empower ourselves in standing in our truth and asking for what we need. Because culturally we don’t often own our sexuality, sex becomes something hidden and distorted. It is time to bring those shadows into the light so we can heal the imbalances and come back to love.

We are not about letting “it” go, rather listening to see what that part (the part we desire to let go of) needs in order to be reintegrated back into the whole. Although we are whole beings, there are often parts that get fragmented and separated out of our consciousness and buried in the sub- or unconscious. We speak with these parts to see what they need to call you back into the truth of yourself as a whole. We aren’t trying to fix you, we don’t have an agenda – rather we are meeting you in loving presence to see how we can best hold space for you to come fully home.

We come from the understanding that we are all part of the whole, the great web of creation, and within this web although united and not separate, we are each individuals within the whole, and are meant to run on our own energy directly, re-sourced by Great Spirit, Divine Light and Mother Earth, calibrated to our energetic vibrational frequency. We teach you how to remember yourself and come back to your own energy. Knowing that most of us are empathic and haven’t learned how to manage our own energies, we teach you how to take personal responsibility, how to soften around ways that aren’t serving you, thus helping you to come more fully into the truth of your own nature.” Naomi Love

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