What have I been growing?

It has been a long time since I have done any writing… 2017 has been quite a year!
First of all, if you haven’t been in for bodywork for a while, you might not know that my husband and I are expecting a baby in early December! So my main reason in sending this out is to let you know that I will be on maternity leave from November 15 through at least May 2018. If you have sessions left on your package, or gift cards, you will want to cash those in!

Besides growing a baby, what have I been up to this year?
I was blessed to take the second level of the Wise Womb Apprenticeship with the amazing Naomi Love this summer. I learned more about the incredible womb, and ways that I can support women to experience less pain, more vitality, less digestive challenges, more fertility, and more spiritual connection. In many ancient cultures, including Chinese and Mayan cultures, the belly is the center of our physical, emotional and spiritual being. We learned how to honor the womb and support it in being in alignment physically and spiritually . In this work, w e work with plants in the most beautiful and powerful ways I have ever experienced. I cried tears of pain as I released emotional and physical holding , and tears of joy as I felt healing and warmth and connection in my body and my spirit . I can’t imagine life without the self-healing tools that I have learned. And I am so grateful to feel more connected to Spirit because of this journey.

I just returned from my alma mater, the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, in Albuquerque, where I continued my studies in the amazing work of Core Synchronism, which is a unique blend of Cranial Sacral Therapy and Polarity Therapy. What I love about Core is that it is energy work that is balanced with body work. The benefits that I experience when I receive Core Synchronism include: deep relaxation, reduced inflammation, reduced pain, elevated mood, and increased vitality.

Teaching at the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute has also been a joy! The students there are very enthusiastic and talented, and I really enjoy teaching because it is amazing to think of the ripple effect! The advanced students are having a FREE Oncology & Elder Massage Clinic on Monday October 30th at 5:30pm & 7pmThis free clinic is open to anyone with a history of Cancer, and anyone over the age of 75! Check out the flier and call 303-618-5518 to reserve a place for you.
My husband and I also moved to Broomfield so that we can be closer to family and resources (we were living way up in the mountains in Gilpin County) which feels good! We love our place because we back up to a big park, which backs up to open space, so we have plenty of access to hiking trails with beautiful views of the mountains. And now I live half way between my two offices in Boulder and Denver!
I’m not exactly sure what life will look like after the baby comes, but I can assure you that I will be doing bodywork again because I love what I do!
And I have YOU to thank for all your love and support over the years.
With Gratitude,
Laura Rose

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