Special Event: Cultivating vitality with self-massage and self-care tools

Do you feel depleted and stressed at the end of your day? Do you wish you could receive a massage everyday? Believe me, some days, I feel tense, stressed, and sometimes in-pain, especially now that I am self-employed and a mother of a very busy toddler. I wish that I could receive bodywork everyday, but that is not a reality for me right now, especially when I need to be home with my little one. So, when I am feeling depleted or tense, I turn to my self-care tools help me to unwind, relax, and center myself so that I can take deeper breaths, and prepare myself for a good nights rest. While they aren’t quite as relaxing as a massage from a real human being, they are super helpful, and I want to share them with you! 
Here is a sneak preview of one of the self-care stations that you can try at home!
Supplies needed:
  • two tennis balls (new ones are the best, but old ones that you have laying around the house are fine)
  • one longer sock (finally, a use for those orphaned socks!)
Directions for tennis ball massage:
  1. Light a candle or some incense and put on some relaxing energy to set the mood.
  2. Place both tennis balls into the toe end of the sock, and tie a knot at the top of the sock so that they don’t separate from each other.
  3. Place the tennis balls on the floor or yoga mat (yoga mat or carpet work best so that they don’t slide around too much).
  4. Create an intention for how you would like to feel after the exercise. One or two words to describe the feeling is great (relaxed, peaceful, open, etc).
  5. Lay down on your back, with your knees bent, and gently lift your head up and place the tennis balls under the base of your skull, where your neck meets the back of your head.
  6. Let your body surrender to gravity and soften into the firmness of the tennis balls.
  7. Take deep breaths into your belly and notice when your breath shifts from inhale to exhale, and from exhale to inhale.
  8. Remember your intention, and breathe that feeling right into the points that the balls are massaging.
  9. Make some tiny micro movements by dropping your chin and lifting it ever so slightly to see if the sensation changes.
  10. Use your arm to help lift your head off the tennis balls, and move them to a slightly different position (I like to use them under my upper back, between the shoulder blades, and all the way down the back).
  11. Remove the tennis balls from under your back and breathe and notice if you feel different.
Come experience some incredible self-massage and healing tools along with guided relaxation and meditation exercises to support you in cultivating peace and vitality at this special event:

Cultivating vitality with self-massage and self-care tools
Date: Thursday, September 19, 2019 6-8pm

This workshop will be like going to a workout class with stations, only there will be relaxation and self massage stations. Self-care tools provided will include sacred sage and resins, essential oils (used outside, in case of sensitivity), the amethyst biomat pro, mini biomat, and bio-belt, massage balls, electric massager, chi machine, and more!

Wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat, water bottle and a journal.

Location: Boulder Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic

825 S Broadway (Lower Level)

Boulder, CO 80305

Investment : $15 in advance, $20 at the door.

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