How to embody peace during these turbulent times

Are you finding ways to take care of yourself during these turbulent times? Between the pandemic, the political tension and the forest fires, it’s getting harder and harder to stay calm and centered.

Here are some things that have been helping me to stay peaceful and centered (maybe some of these will help you too):

•Hiking in nature (The aspen leaves are GORGEOUS this year!)

Yoga for me, Yoga for kids, and Pilates online

•Self-massage with tennis balls and foam rollers.

•Virtual authentic movement group with friends

•Attending a five week Grief Pilgrim group

•Virtual dance classes or dance parties with friends on zoom

Insight Timer guided relaxation

Laughter yoga

Virtual cycling on my new “smart” bike trainer!

•Receiving bodywork (with my most comfortable mask on).


All of these things help me to stay centered and peaceful… what has been helping you?


I have some good news! I am open for in person bodywork again! I have gathered my sanitation and protective equipment supplies (such as an air filter, masks, aprons, extra blankets and sanitizer) and I am starting to see people for in-person work on a limited basis (due to limited childcare). If you are ready to receive some in-person bodywork, go ahead and schedule yourself an in person session for my Boulder or Denver location.

I also am excited to be able to offer a limited number of in-person half day retreats at my home in Gilpin County, near Rollinsville, CO. If you are interested in an immersive experience in nature with a guided nature walk in the quiet trails that border our property, bodywork, and transformational self-care practices, let me know and we will find a time for that.

Some of you might not feel ready for in-person bodywork (or you live far away). You might look at the list of medical conditions that are high risk for COVID 19 and decide that it is too risky for you to receive personal services at this time. But here’s the good news: I can still help you to find your center, create inner peace, and increase your vitality with virtual sessions. I have been preparing to offer virtual work for many years as I have hundreds of hours of training in somatic therapy, yoga, life coaching, focusing, and BodyMind Coaching. So I am now offering virtual video or phone sessions. To learn more about what virtual sessions are like, schedule a free discovery call.


Wishing you peace,

Laura Rose

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